Testimonials about working with Dr. Shantinath

In order to protect the privacy of our clients, their names are not identified below.

What organizational clients say

“It was always inspiring to work with you. Your enthusiasm for our project was infectious and your stimulating ideas were refreshing. Particularly I appreciated your sensitivity to the complexities of working with organizations who had different needs and interests. You were able to coordinate the activities of multiple persons and institutions well”.

What participants say about seminars and workshops

“Your presentation was clear, focused and gave me concrete ways to tackle stress in the work place”.

“I immediately began to apply the information I learned in today’s workshop. Thanks for showing me how to reduce stress in the here and now”.

“You were just wonderful! Your assessment of this often inarticulate subject was marvelous. I walked away with some fresh problem-solving techniques and a renewed optimism for the obstacles in my path. Most importantly, your presentation expanded my point of view. You inspired me to think Big and look beyond the initial, perceived obstacles”.

What individuals say

“Dr. Shantinath has offered me clear thinking input which helped me to structure problems ranging from work issues to inter-personal issues. She works with me in such a way that helps me to focus on the crux of the matter and has helped me generate potential solutions by helping me to recognize and apply my own strengths. She encourages me to expand my perspective by exploring my own strengths and from that assists me in developing innovative methods of problem solving. This, in my view, is a special skill”.

“Dr. Shantinath helped me to more deeply understand the different concerns and priorities in my life. She gave me “tools” that now allow me to more effectively handle challenges as they arise in my work and family life. She also helped me to create a realistic program of health and fitness that fit with my needs and lifestyle”.

“I’ve often thought that my sense of life mission out in the world and my desires for my personal life were in contradiction with each other. Shachi helped me see the commonalities between them, which was a great gift”.

What couples say

“We used the skills we learned from you to help control stress between the two of us. We are grateful to you for that”.

“Dr Shantinath taught us to relieve relationship stresses by communicating better. Learning to actively listen to and understand the others’ viewpoint – without compromising your own – helps us to have a happy and creative relationship again”.